What is domain name? Explain how to create an exclusive URL!

What is Domain Name? Tips to create an exclusive URL!

Before setting up a website, choosing a suitable domain name is very important! But what is domain name? Don’t worry, after reading this article, I believe you can have a basic understanding of it!

What is domain name?

Domain name is the address of the website on the Internet. All websites have an exclusive IP location, for example: Because the IP location is a string of numbers, which is very difficult to remember, the domain name is therefore created.

How domain names work

As mentioned above, each website has its own IP address, but it is difficult to remember a long chain of meaningless numbers. Therefore, the user only needs to input the domain name, such as shuban.com.tw. Then, the domain name system (DNS) will start to analyze and lead the user to the corresponding website.

Difference between domain name and URL

The domain name (e.g. shuban.com.tw) is like a building, and URLs (e.g. https://shuban.com.tw/blog) are the residents living in this building. Whenever someone visits, the visitor must first enter the building, and then go ahead to find the corresponding flat number. That is to say, although URLs guide to different web pages, they belong to the same domain name.

How to apply for a domain name?

  • You must apply for a domain name from the relevant authorities. In addition, domain names are usually leased in units of “years”.
  • For some domain names, specific requirements have to be fulfilled during registration. For example, applicants of.com.tw must be legally registered companies.

How to choose a domain name?

  • Website nature
    Nature of websites should match with the domain name. For example, if the website belongs to a local company, .com.tw should be used; if it is a local non-profit organization, should use .org.tw.
  • Short and symbolic
    A good web address should let people easily remember and quickly associate with the company. Therefore, it is necessary to think of a string that is short and representative of the company. However, please be reminded to avoid words which are easy to cause confusion or misreading.
  • Availability
    Just as there are no two buildings built at the same address, a domain name is unique in the network. Therefore, before applying for a domain name, you should first check whether the desired domain name has been registered.

How can I set up a domain name?

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