Affiliate Marketing helps to raise popularity at the start of business

Low popularity at the start of business? One way to promote products!


If you want to promote your products in the early stage of your business, you may try affiliate marketing! “Affiliate marketing” means to sell your products via your affiliates, e.g. KOLs. Affiliate marketing not only helps reduce costs, but also increases product exposure. The following sorts out five advantages of affiliate marketing, let’s take a look!


1. Promoting products through different social media

Affiliates can promote products via different social media channels, such as YouTube, blog, Facebook, etc.

2. Appropriate affiliates improve sales

Shop owners can choose affiliates who are closely related to your target customers, which will not only increase the impression rate, but also increase the sales.

3. Applicable to the initial stage of business

The cost and technical requirement to run affiliate marketing is low, so it is suitable for shop owners who want to promote their products in the early stage of business.


4. Controllable costs

Since affiliates’ commission can be adjusted, shop owners can decide the appropriate commission rate according to their own budgets.


5. More money can be spent on developing new products

Due to the controllable cost of affiliate marketing, shop owners are able to use more resources to develop new products, so that future customers will not only be new customers, but also returned ones.

What should I do to start affiliate marketing?

Through Shu Ban’s website design service, shop owners can easily add an affiliate marketing system on their official website. With designated links, KOLs can help promote your products and increase sales while earning commissions at your preset rates. Via the backend management system set by Shu Ban, shop owners can not only customize different commission rates for each affiliate, but also view the details of affiliates at any time. In addition, both the shop owner and the affiliate can view the current income and payment records of the affiliates at any time, making the transaction transparent.


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