How to choose Web Hosting and other FAQs!

How to choose Web Hosting & other FAQs

After knowing registration of domain name, the second step of website building is to select the web hosting service. Do you know that websites also need a home on the Internet? That is, we need a place to store the website on the Internet, which is the web hosting service. This article will summarize common queries about website hosting service. Let’s take a look!

Why do I need web hosting?

As it costs a lot to own the whole set of server equipment, the emergence of web hosting services has benefited many small and medium-sized enterprises. With a web hosting service, your website will be stored together with other websites on the same server, so that you can just spend a little to buy the space you need.

How to choose web hosting service?

Storage space

When choosing storage space, you need to understand the scale of your website. If there will be lots of pictures and videos, you need to choose a service plan with a large storage space. Meanwhile, you should reserve additional space for expansion of the website.

Website speed

Website speed is very important to your customers. If the website loads too slowly, customers will jump out of the page quickly, which will not only lose customers, but also reduce the organic search rank of the website.

Website traffic

If you expect a large number of visitors to your website, or a large number of users at a certain point of time, you need to choose a service with higher data transmission.

Technical supports

If your website needs to use a database or some specific programming languages, you need to confirm whether they are compatible with the web hosting service.


Advantages of a web hosting service:

Low cost

The web hosting service stores multiple websites on the same server, and so you can operate your own website without purchasing your own equipment.

Setup by experts

If you purchase the equipment yourself, you have to manually set up your server. If you use the web hosting service, IT experts from the service provider will get the initial setting ready for you.

Information safety

Professional engineers from web hosting service providers will safeguard the information security of your website, and hence you don’t need to deal with information risk issues.

Beyond regional limitations

Compared with setting up your own server, adopting web hosting services can allow you to select suitable plans in specific regions to match with your business needs. If your target customers are from the Americas, the loading time of a website hosted in the Americas will be around 1-2 seconds faster than one in Asia. Therefore, your customers can enjoy a better user experience.


With web hosting service, servers are set up in well protected data centers, which minimizes the impact of any power outage or natural disaster, so that your website can operate stably round-the-clock.


How to apply for a web hosting service?

There are many web hosting service providers in the market, and each of them provides a variety of plans. How can we choose a suitable one? Shu Ban provides one-stop web design services. After understanding your needs, we will recommend and apply for appropriate web hosting services for you, so that you can own your exclusive website with ease.


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