Web Design for SMEs - 4 Strengths of Shu Ban

Web Design for SMEs – 4 Strengths of Shu Ban

 Nowadays, there are many web design companies on the market. How to find the most suitable one among these companies needs careful consideration, not only because it costs a lot, but more importantly, the official website represents the company and affects the brand image. Then, how to make the decision? Well, Shu Ban is a good choice! Shu Ban is a web design company that specializes in web design for SMEs. Besides preferential prices, we also provide customized design services. Now, let’s take a look at this article to uncover more advantages of Shu Ban!

1. Favourable price

Shu Ban understands the financial restrictions of SMEs in developing their businesses, so our price is set affordable to SMEs, which the business owner can own a basic website by spending 18,000 only. In addition, to set up an online shop, the lowest cost is just 48,000.

2. Customized design

Shu Ban will select the most suitable style, layout and function for the company according to the nature of the firm. During the design process, Shu Ban will provide several draft layouts for business owners to choose.

3. Efficient service

Shu Ban will contact business owners immediately after receiving the enquiries and explain all the subsequent processes. After understanding your needs and receiving the information, Shu Ban will normally complete a basic website within one month.

4. Bilingual website setup

According to survey results, most internet users use English and Chinese. Therefore, a bilingual website can apparently bring more business opportunities to the company! In order to help more SMEs to expand their business, Shu Ban provides bilingual website setup and manual translation services, so that businesses can easily expand their business abroad.


In this market, Shu Ban has won the trust and appreciation of many customers by our affordable price, elaborate design style and thoughtful after-sales service. Shu Ban hopes we can serve your companies in the near future!


Take action now! Click here to learn more about various website design services offered by Shu Ban.


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