Key to Information Security: What is SSL

How to avoid security risk? SSL!

With the rapid growth of online activities, information security has become more and more important. While browsing a website, users must hope that their data can be well protected by the site. That’s why the SSL certificate is needed. If you have not heard of SSL before, don’t worry, this article will summarize some common questions on SSL certificates, so that you can be more familiar with it.

What is an SSL certificate?

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is an encrypted Internet security communication protocol. When a user browses a web page with an SSL certificate, it means that the security and privacy of the web page have been protected, and the user can browse without worries.

How to identify a page with an SSL certificate?

In fact, it’s easy to know if a website is protected by an SSL certificate. For web pages with SSL certificates, the URL begins with https:// and a lock symbol appears before the URL, while for web pages that don’t, the URL begins with http:// and “not secure” will appear before the URL.

Advantages of SSL:

1. Enhance information security

As mentioned above, SSL certificates ensure the security and privacy of websites. Therefore, when users enter some confidential information or credit card numbers, SSL certificates can prevent data from being stolen.

2. Increase website credibility

Since websites with SSL protection will display a lock symbol in front of the URL to indicate security, it can increase customers’ trust in the web page and further enhance the company’s brand image!

3. Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important for all companies. In fact, when there are two pages with the same content, search engines will give higher priority to the page with an SSL certificate. Hence, web pages with SSL certificates are critical.

How to create a web page with an SSL certificate?

In order to help more start-ups and small/ medium-sized companies, Shu Ban provides affordable website design services with SSL certificates included, so that you don’t need to worry about budget and technical issues.

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