That's what you need for Instant Customer Service

That’s what you need for instant customer service!


With the growing online shopping activities, customers nowadays pursue not only product quality, but also “speed”. No matter the delivery speed, arrival speed or customer service processing speed, customers want everything to be “fast”. Among these, customer service processing speed is the most difficult to control. Among the traditional customer service channels, phone calling is the only way to solve customers’ problems in real time. However, phone service is not only time-consuming, but also costs a lot. Then, what should enterprises do to achieve instant customer service at low cost? Don’t worry, keep reading and you will get the answer!

How to solve customers’ problems immediately?

It’s simple, just install an instant message system on your website! When the customer visits your website, a chat icon will automatically appear on the screen. Once the customer inputs questions in the chatroom, the staff can receive and answer questions immediately.

Benefits of instant message system

1. Increase sales

If an enterprise can immediately solve problems before customers leave the website, it will not only increase customers’ intention to purchase, but also avoid the situation in which the products don’t meet their expectations.

2. Reduce labor costs

Compared with customer service by phone, which can only deal with one customer at a time, with the instant message system, staff can handle several customers at the same time while waiting for customers’ replies. 

3. Improve SEO

Using an instant message system, customers stay longer on the website, and hence search engines will gradually consider the website as a quality one, which improves the website’s SEO ranking.

How to install this system?

Using Shu Ban’s web design services, we can install the instant message system for businesses in need, so that shop owners can solve customers’ problems in real time and increase sales.


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