Own an official website vs use an e-shop platform

Owning an Official Website vs Using an E-Shop Platform

In the early stage of entrepreneuring, if shop owners want to sell products through the Internet, they must think about a question, that is, whether to own an official website or use an e-commerce platform. In fact, there are different advantages in either way. This article will sort out advantages of using e-commerce platforms and official websites respectively. In the end, we’ll also recommend the best solution!

E-Commerce Platform

1. Low startup cost

The initial cost of using e-commerce platforms is lower than owning an official website, because the cost of setting up a website is not low, and the regular maintenance fee will also be a concern.

2. Higher exposure

Due to the low brand awareness in the early stage of the business, few people will specifically search for the brand on the Internet. Therefore, using e-commerce platforms can increase the exposure of products.


Official Website

1. Reduce the chance of losing customers

When customers search for products on e-commerce platforms, if they see similar but lower price choices, they will usually turn to the cheaper ones. Therefore, having your own official website can avoid this from happening.

2. No handling fee

When using e-commerce platforms, handling fees will be charged when selling products, and these long-term expenses will also be considerable.

3. Better understand customer behaviors

The biggest advantage of owning an official website is that the shop owner can utilize backend data to analyze consumer behaviors, and to formulate marketing and business strategies.


Should I own an official website or use an e-commerce platform?

Shu Ban provides website design services at a low price. Therefore, shop owners can enjoy the advantages of both using an e-commerce platform and owning a website!


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