Low website traffic? Bilingual web design brings you a popular website

Bilingual Web Design Brings You a Popular Website

Since the Internet is not bounded by time and space, many companies set up their own official website, hoping to bring more business opportunities. In addition, as there are growing number of people using the Internet worldwide, more potential overseas customers can be reached through official websites. However, the language barrier will be a concern. So how can we overcome this obstacle? The answer is bilingual web design. According to survey results, the top two languages ​​used by Internet users are English and Chinese. Therefore, if you want to set up a website that can bring the most business opportunities with the smallest amount of money, it must be a English-Chinese website!

Advantages of Bilingual Web Design:

1. More business opportunities

No matter how attractive the product images are and how gorgeous the official website is, customers will not buy any product if they can’t even understand the product information. Therefore, compared with the official website in a single language, bilingual websites can attract more customers.

2. Attract more potential customers worldwide

Since English and Chinese are the two most commonly used languages ​​by Internet users, building English-Chinese websites can attract more foreign customers.

3. Business risk spreading

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Setting up English-Chinese websites can prevent companies from focusing on a single market and allow them to spread business risks.

No idea about how to setup a English-Chinese website?

In order to help more start-ups and small/medium-sized companies set up their own official websites, Shu Ban provides bilingual web design and translation service at a lower price, so that the companies can set up their own English-Chinese website without worrying about budget.

Take action now! Click here to learn more about various website design services offered by Shu Ban.

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