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3 minutes to understand RWD – a must-have for website design

When browsing a web page, users must hope that the page layout is neat and easy to operate, and RWD web pages can meet these needs. It must be strange to see this word for the first time. Don’t worry, this article will summarize some common questions on RWD, so that you can be more familiar with it.

What is RWD?

Responsive Website Design (RWD) is a kind of website design method so that the width of the web page will automatically change when using different devices (mobile phone, tablet or computer).

What are the benefits?

1. Convenience

As mentioned above, as the width of web page will automatically resize according to different devices, users can easily browse the web page using any device.

2. Lower cost

If the traditional web page design method is used, different web pages will be designed for different devices respectively so that the arrangement of words and photos can best fit the width of relevant devices. It creates higher development and maintenance cost. While the responsive design is used, as only one adaptive web page has to be designed, the cost will be lower.

3. Better SEO

RWD is also a great help for search engine optimization (SEO). How it can benefit SEO will be explained in detail in the next article!


How to create a responsive web page?

In order to help more start-ups and small/ medium-sized companies, Shu Ban provides responsive website design services at a low price, so that business owners don’t need to worry about budget and technical issues.

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